Suspenseful psychological thriller films

Crime thriller movies are the most adored genre in Indian film, and in the Telugu film Industry, movies are presented with mystery and suspense. The Telugu movie industry is doing great work in producing movies with thrilling crime plot. These movies are not only just great in storyline and story but also in direction and other areas as well. Some movies may be low budgets, but they have a vast audience interested in watching crime movies. The Telugu movie industry is firmly challenging other film industries to make such beautiful creations and adequately present them with great efforts. Based on true stories, they are great suspenseful, impactful, psychological that makes them interesting to watch. One such movie is Raghavan, about which we will talk further. There are many best crime movies online on aha app.


This movie is directed by Gowtam Menon and produced by KVV Satyanarayana. In the story, Raghavan (Kamal Hassan) is a proficient and clever ACP. Some uncertain men slaughter Raghavan’s associate Anand Raj’s (Prakash Raj) girl. Sequential killings continue, and examinations uncover that there is a fixed killer behind these deaths. Raghavan is driven out for New York on this authority work. The remainder of the story is about how he tackles the killers’ secret and exposes them to who is behind these crimes.

Kamal Hassan gives another heavenly presentation in this film with his praiseworthy acting. He looked intense and carried realness to his job. Kamalinee Mukherjee did a little job in the movie, and she is incredible. Jyothika is very significant as the discouraged lady. Prakash Raj is acceptable. Salim Baig (Panda of Gharshana) did an essential job, and he fits the character. Lev Gorn is excellent as an NYPD cop.

The head has examined the better distinctions of the film while making it. The bearing of the film is fashionable, and there is brilliance in shot-production. He followed Mani Ratnam’s example while composing the sentiment string for Kamal and Jyothika.

Music is decent, and picturization is acceptable. The cinematography by Ravi Varman is magnificent. Antony editing deserves exceptional notice. How he utilizes distribution and shading progress in the primary theme is fine. Addressed by Dasarath (Santosham film chief) justifies a remarkable statement. Tricks by Siva are flawless. Creation esteems acceptable.

Overall, this movie would attract the viewers with its mind-blowing creation to invest his time in this movie. It is streaming on, aha.

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