Is AC Spare Parts The Same As AC Repair & Maintenance?

AC Pex parts are just like AC repair. They carry the same meaning, they’re just not to be found in the same place. AC Spare Parts is the name of a company that sells replacement parts for all make and models of air conditioning systems. The parts are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards and are available for purchase at 10% off retail price. AC Repair, on the other hand, is what people in the business call a service contract that includes everything from service plan to installation. It’s not clear if AC Repair is still in business after the founder left to start AC Spare Parts.

AC Pex Parts can be a different person or company, but it is also a place that sells replacement parts for air conditioners. AC Repair is the name of the company that fixes and repairs your AC unit. Sometimes air conditioner spare parts can be the same as AC Repair.  AC Spare Parts is the same as AC Repair, but it is a business that sells spare parts for Air Conditioning Units. They are also a company that can repair and replace parts in an Air Conditioning Unit or do installations.

Why are we your best choice for spares?

AC Pex Parts is a company that specializes in providing AC Replacement parts to customers. They have a large selection of AC parts and can provide the customer with exact replacement options. Their prices are also much better than the original equipment manufacturers. AC Spare Parts is not the same as AC Repair. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but they are different. When your air conditioning goes out, you need to call an AC repair technician because you cannot fix it yourself. Your local AC spares parts can help you replace a part of your unit such as a compressor or evaporator coil.

You would most likely be charged for this service if it’s not covered by your warranty or manufacturer’s service plan. AC Pex Parts is the name of a business owned by Australia. They are licensed in NY, NY and specialize in repairs for air conditioners. AC Repair is the process of fixing a broken or damaged air conditioning system. AC Spare Parts is the process of buying parts for an AC system that may be broken or have damage but it’s still working. AC Spare Parts is a company that specializes in selling AC repair parts and replacement filters. Their services include building repairs and replacements, new installations, troubleshooting, and repair estimates.