Dangerous And Potentially Fatal Driving Mistakes

So, what are the most dangerous driving mistakes to avoid at all costs? Below, we have gathered the most serious of them. Try not to commit them and always look out of speed bumps for driveway when driving.

Keep Your Hand On The Gear Lever

It’s a bad habit for many young drivers. Indeed, the latter has the annoying tendency to keep their hands on the gear lever. However, this represents a dangerous driving error because by doing this, the motorist no longer has control of the steering wheel. As a result, the balance of the vehicle could be disturbed! Moreover, by exerting pressure on the gear lever, you create premature wear that can compromise the mechanism.

Driving On The Gas Reserve

The motorist must anticipate his fuel expenses. Indeed, running on the fuel reserve is anything but a good thing: due to the lack of fuel, the engine can suck any debris into the tank,damaging the engine. In addition, remember that in the event of a fuel shortage in the middle of the road, all traffic can be disrupted, not to mention that the probabilities of fatal accidents are multiplied by ten.

Constantly Changing Lanes

A car constantly changing lanes to move quickly and save its driver time is a public hazard. Indeed, in addition to creating stress and nervousness among other motorists, such behavior can cause serious accidents!

Never Use Turn Signals

flashing dangerous driving errors

The use of turn signals before entering a lane is an obligation. Indeed, this rule is written in the highway code. Indicators allow other motorists to anticipate their following action or maneuver. Also, always signal your passage to the left or the right. More than a preventive action, it is a safety action!